In our previous two posts, we outlined our window repair, replacement, and door installation services that we have been providing the Calgary community with since 2004. If you are looking at window condensation repair (one of the most common issues we see) perhaps our most popular solution is our foggy window repair service. We also offer sealed window replacement, should your home’s situation prove beyond repair. Keep in mind we offer a variety of door and window replacement options, each with their own options and customizations available.

In today’s post, we are going to highlight a few client experiences that they have been so kind to share. We understand the importance of doing right by our customers, for two reasons. The first is that it is the right way to run a business. We don’t take shortcuts at Go-Green Windows & Doors, and that principle extends from ownership to our service employees. The second reason is that we want prospective clients to understand the level of quality service and materials that they can expect when working with our door and window company.

We want to point out that this is not a “pick-and-choose the good reviews and ignore that bad reviews” kind of post, because we are not that kind of window installation company. While it’s true that any business that has been around a while will inevitably encounter bumps in the road, all the evidence potential clients still in consideration-mode need is to see our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. When a business has been around for nearly fifteen years and still has a five star, A+ rating at the BBB, you know they are doing something right. It’s this post’s aim to confirm that premise with actual customer experiences. Let’s get going.

High Quality Job

“Very competitive pricing for sealed window unit replacement, professional installation and job site clean up. High quality job and completed on a timely basis.” – Steve B.

Thanks Steve for taking the time to give us some love! Across all service related business, it probably comes as no surprise to many of our readers that negative reviews are much more common than positive ones. It’s basic psychology that we move on with our lives if we are satisfied, but much more likely to share our negative experience if we feel our hard-earned money was not well-spent.

With that in mind, we value you each and every positive review we see. Steve highlights our affordability for the sealed unit replacement he got. The other two points of note that are worth mentioning are the job site clean up and our efficiency of time. It’s the worst when you get a promise from a company that x service will be completed in y days or weeks, only to have them back-track, citing outside factors beyond their control as a culprit. We aren’t about excuses at Go-Green Windows & Doors, we are about excellence and efficiency.

Professional, Polite, And Fast

“Fog-out provided excellent service to replace the glass of a cracked window. It saved a lot of money than trying to replace the whole window unit. The service was professional, polite and fast. I would recommend Fog-out to anyone needing to fix a window crack.” -James L.

This is the kind of review that gets us up in the morning, inspired to continue to be the best door and windows installer in Calgary, if we do say so ourselves. Part of the reason we can make that claim is because we always will put the client’s needs first. In James’ case, that translated to him solving his foggy window problem with window condensation repair over the more expensive alternative of a window replacement. Thank you for choosing us James!

They Were Great To Work With

“We had Rob and his team come to our house and do a glass replacement on all our windows.  They were great to work with and delivered high quality service and a reasonable price.  Highly recommended!” – Chris W.

Thank you Chris for your kind words and choosing us as your window installers. Chris ended up going with full-on window replacement, and we are sure he will continue to be pleased with his reasonably-priced purchase. One of the best part about choosing to go with a replacement window installation is that it will help you save money in the future. By using our energy-efficient glass in our nearly maintenance-free windows, your insulation is sure to significantly improve, which has the net effect of saving you money on your energy bill. Keep the heat in and the cold out with our glass energy replacement options.

They Cleaned Up Everything

“We had Fog Out Windows replace all the windows in our home and were very pleased with the results. The install was fast and efficient. They were very friendly, professional, and cleaned up everything. We would highly recommend Fog Out to any of our friends and neighbors!” – Vickie W.

That’s fantastic to hear from customers like Vickie. We want to make sure we understand that if you choose us for window repair or replacement, we recognize that we are guests in your home, and will conduct ourselves as such. Vickie was so kind as to point out the fact that we cleaned up after ourselves, in addition to being efficient while we were providing foggy window repairs to her home. It’s an effective option, considering Calgary and how the weather can get.

On Time And On Budget

“A Fog-out crew replaced a second story large window. The job was on time and on budget, and done efficiently by the friendly staff. We are very pleased with the product and installation.” – Tim V.
Some themes we hope you are picking up here: we have a friendly staff, foggy window repair is a must if you want windows you can actually see out of, and we stay within our estimated time and budget. A final point is that we were able to replace Tim’s uniquely large window which was on his second floor. We have the industry experience to handle any residential window repair or replacement. Give us a call today if you are ready to talk to an expert who is ready to assess your needs and come up with an affordable and effective plan to improve your home and save you money in the long-run.