Go-Green provides top-quality, maintenance-free windows that provide an excellent barrier against the elements.

We offer an expansive selection of styles that are available framed in vinyl (PVC), aluminum clad, or a hybrid of both. Our windows are custom built by hand, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle at affordable prices.

Window Types

1. PVC  – Premium PVC windows  deliver a wide range of features and options where affordability is as important a consideration as energy efficiency.

2. Hybrid – Aluminum exterior with PVC on the Inside (Featuring the performance of vinyl with the look and feel of clad aluminum, they are energy efficient and easy to care for, providing beauty and function in a single option. With 8 exterior colour options.)

3. Wood/ Clad – Aluminum exterior with wood on the inside ( Features the custom wood interior that can be stained or painted, with the maintenance free aluminium exterior.)

4. Wood Exterior – Inside and out (Custom Wood windows are handcrafted from the finest woods – to provide the flexibility you need to stain or paint, customizing to suit your personal preferences.)

Window Styles: