Amazed with my new, fog-less windows

Please be advised that I am most satisfied with Fog-Out Window Solutions and their service-work to remedy 4 ‘foggy’ thermo-pane windows (2 large and 2 small) in my two 20 year-old Bay windows.
The Bay window seals are age-compromised and have allowed moisture to ‘bloom’ between the panes – thus, creating the foggy & smeared window-glass look & presentation that became intolerable to view this year.  In a matter of half an hour, the windows were treated from the exterior of my home – with no intrusion to the interior of my home.  Within days and approximately 4 weeks from completing the ‘Fog-out’ process, the windows are presently crystal clear again and the wonderful view to my backyard returned to me!  Also, the cost of this procedure was considerably less expensive than a total glass-pane replacement… and as a senior on fixed income, this is bonus.  I would therefor recommend the Fog-out procedure for ‘foggy’ windows before total window replacement.  I was informed that unless I was completely happy with the Fog-out end-result that my money for service to date could be credited to New Window replacement!
To me – this is business integrity, honest client dealing and standing behind products and service.  The fog-out technician was wonderful and fully answered all of my questions and concerns.
Again, I am most pleased and amazed with my new, fog-less windows – thanks to Fog-Out Window Solutions.
Odette W.